Collaboration journey through India

During December 2015 and January 2016 we are staying in India, visiting Linux friends.
Our friend Maja will attend 2nd half of the trip.

Interests: We are both involved in Free Software, with a special interest in design and custom systems.

Collaboration: We prefer round-table discussions over giving talks. Do your work place use Debian-based servers, or have you privately tuned your laptop/desktop, and can imagine such customizations being relevant for others too? We would love to learn about it, as our interest is in exploring ways to generalize compositions of Debian.

Travel: We like the pace of train rides, and like it for environmental reasons too.

Hosting: We can afford staying at hotels, but much prefer visiting our friends privately. We bring sleeping bags and would like to contribute to the household during our stay.

Plans currently look like this:

We do not seek jobs in India - but are not on holiday either: Our work with customers in Denmark continue as usual, via internet.